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rotating of photos 1 31 Last Reply by Aleta McKemy Oct 10
How to make the best of long distance relationships? 8 255 Last Reply by Emie Joie D. Hemoroz Oct 9
HOW TO BE A GOOD FRIEND - 46 Last Reply by donvincent omondi Sep 24
How long will hell fire last? 11 195 Last Reply by Alberto B Sep 20
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Unsubscribe and deactivate 2 115 Last Reply by Nicole Miguda Sep 10
how does one delete your profile anyone? thanks - 65 Last Reply by Cindy Overberg Sep 9
Are there true men of God here? - 118 Last Reply by Nicole Miguda Sep 8
How are you finding this software? 15 298 Last Reply by Edward Aug 29
suggestions 1 55 Last Reply by Tysan Aug 17
Any one found any success from here? Anyone gotten married? 4 176 Last Reply by Love Ayah Aug 14
How much do you believe your personality type is understood/ misunderstood in your relationships? 2 62 Last Reply by Marlon Jones Aug 13
KNOWING YOUR PARTNER 1 93 Last Reply by Love Ayah Aug 13
How to focus on spreading the gospel and balance your want for marriage.? 1 89 Last Reply by Love Ayah Aug 13
Keep Christ involved in the private conversations. 7 187 Last Reply by Love Ayah Aug 12
I want God fearing woman 4 169 Last Reply by Love Ayah Aug 12
Any testimonies? 4 132 Last Reply by Love Ayah Aug 12
Paterns in praying. - 44 Last Reply by Eduard Kenn Cabeltis Aug 4
Learn to do right; - 46 Last Reply by Admin Jul 21
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Dacia Hardy Free
Yesterday, 01:15PM
Can anyone tell me how to get off this site please. Sorry this wont work for me.
Dacia Hardy Free
Yesterday, 01:13PM
Good day, can anyone tell me How do I get out of this group.
Babylin Free
Oct 15
good evening to everyone god bless to all
Paul Addae Junior Free
Oct 11
So much disappointment
Paul Addae Junior Free
Oct 11
I have been on this site for long now but I have not met my partner why ?
Admin VIP
Oct 8
Hope every one try out the new chat room
Emie Joie D. Hemoroz Free
Oct 7
The more we come o Jesus the more we get closer to each other.
priscilla brown Free
Oct 1
Hope you're finding delight in the Lord today!
Garth Bertrand Free
Oct 1
Good day Aleta, I trust all is well? what you can do is use a photo editor to rotate the pictures for you and attempt uploading it again
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