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Admin Administrator
Admin Sep 14 '18
How can a person be an Adventist and not know what a soul is? I would guess at 40% get that wrong.

Google does not give the Biblical Answer
Rebecca Platinum
Rebecca Sep 20 '18
If a person is a recently converted adventist, or one that hasn't been one that really integrated their religious beliefs into their lifestyle, they might not have an full understanding as to what the church and Bible teach the soul to be.  There are many misconceptions in the world as to this and its possible for someone who takes the SDA title not fully understanding it as such.
Admin Administrator
Admin Sep 20 '18
i would think a person who is new to adventism, as I once was, would have clear understanding of a few things

The Sabbath

What happens when you die.

What is Hell

What a soul is

Basic teaching of Jesus

Clean and unclean foods.

As time more along we get deeper and deeper into the word.

From some areas of the world, we get a lot of members of Adventist Dating who believe that the wicked burn in Hell for 1000 years.  I have no idea why, perhaps the are googling what other Churchs teach.


cynfree Jan 20 '19
I know what the soul is and I know that adventist is a term coined by the infiltration in the 70s to put us on the same level ecumenically. With the standard set up today even the pope can n be an adventist I am a seventh day Adventists, she said it o many years ago "If God's people lose their zeal for His people and His truth He will raise up and bring a people in." She was speaking of the implants and the Remnant's Offspring of R ev 14:12. I stand for what the SDA was originally founded on to resurrect and breathe life back into the reformation of 1517. Which the enemy tried to murder once again in 2017. If u know of what I speak if liked to get to know you.
cynfree Jan 20 '19
The Sabbath was instituted at creation to memorialize it. We are to keep our weekly date with the Bride groom to recharge ourselves spiritually to reinforce us for the week to come. Sabbath is an abundant ready and waiting blessing and our for the receiving we just have to reach for it.
cynfree Jan 20 '19
When you doie the soul. Body minus breath returns to dust and had no consciousness.
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cynfree Jan 20 '19
Hell in OT terms is the grave Sherol. In the Greek terms that's another story but sufficeasi to say the biblical term of consequence exacting it is the results of the fire rained upon the wicked lost and fallen angels (not aliens Enochian writings are a lie to further the lie which would be fed to the wicked and ignorant who want to believe they are superior just like Hitler believed.
cynfree Jan 20 '19
Lev 11 for clean and in clean foods. But the purpose of unclean was to clean the waste.
cynfree Jan 20 '19
Jesus came to fulfill (magnify the law) thereby making it harder, so to keep the letteri the immutable law of olam the ones written by His hand, impossible to keep without Him. We have to have the to house the Holy Spirit and walk in the Spirit the mindset  of Christ in order to accomplish that. He came to show that their is a unbreakable relationship between law and grace Exo 20:1-11 To Exo 20:12-17. Later defined again by Matt 22:37 and 39. But Jesus made it clear what was expected of us when He gave the terms to the enemy in the desert Matt4:4. The relationship between law and grace is like this. Without this relationship it is salvation suicide. 
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AR Jul 5 '19
cant answer that question. but the church has the solution. must have the solution.
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2 hours ago
Hello everyone let,s stay safe,God is coming soon
iderlin Garabito
Yesterday, 07:29PM
Mar 28
Happy Sabbath to all
Mar 28
Happy Sabbath to everyone
Sali Jumba
Mar 22
The lord’s ear is not deaf that he cannot hear or blind that he cannot see, neither is he sluck on his promises
Mar 22
Praying for everyone! Keep safe.
Precious Mwelwa Mwila
Mar 21
Happy Sabbath to you all
Audrey Miller
Mar 20
Happy Sabbath family be strong in the Lord .
Mar 17
Pray without ceasing
Pastor Arik Gulzar
Mar 15
The power of God is enough to control coronavirus.
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