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Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson Mar 26
That sounds like an oxymoron. The catholic church and SDA are polar opposites. 
Zog Has-fallen

The Seven Faces of Seventh-day Adventism is well-documented Spirit of prophecy. Moreover, from my 50 years experience being SDA, I would estimate that most Seventh-day Adventists think just like Catholics. I once worked with a dissident Nun that was actively protesting the Catholic hierarchy for protecting and nurturing pedophile priests. She later became reconciled to her church by abandoning her strong feelings for the victims of church supported sexual predators. Likewise, the Spirit of prophecy is replete with authoritative commentary about Seventh-day Adventists' complacency and indifference.

Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson Yesterday, 10:37PM
To make a long story short. SDA are generally open minded and Catholics are generally close minded. From the beginning the catholic church has been a Antichrist religion and the SDA have been against the catholic church. The Catholic church who have tried their best to infiltrate the SDA from even the beginning of it by making Fraudulent books putting Ellen G Whites name on the front cover and brainwashing SDA's through crooked preachers who are most likely 33Degree Freemasons.
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2 hours ago
Hello everyone let,s stay safe,God is coming soon
iderlin Garabito
Yesterday, 07:29PM
Mar 28
Happy Sabbath to all
Mar 28
Happy Sabbath to everyone
Sali Jumba
Mar 22
The lord’s ear is not deaf that he cannot hear or blind that he cannot see, neither is he sluck on his promises
Mar 22
Praying for everyone! Keep safe.
Precious Mwelwa Mwila
Mar 21
Happy Sabbath to you all
Audrey Miller
Mar 20
Happy Sabbath family be strong in the Lord .
Mar 17
Pray without ceasing
Pastor Arik Gulzar
Mar 15
The power of God is enough to control coronavirus.
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