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Pastor Guy
Pastor Guy Aug 4 '19
Ever wondered what you have to do to be in a good relationship with God?  Do you want to know what part God is doing for you?  Here is the first video of a 13 part series called “All about Jesus” by pastor Lee Venden.  I strongly encourage every christian here to watch the series.  It will be a revolution in your faith life.  Click HERE to go to the first video.

Many sincere christians were told that they must fight temptation and sin by themselves - like, if they try hard enough they should have victories over them all.  Many christians are told that they must become perfect in all things, and in character too.  But how many struggle and find out that it is too hard for them and just quit trying?  There is hope!  Listen to this series and you will find that there is a solution, a divine one!

Let me know if trying hard to fight your “evil” tendencies has lead to victories or to disappointing failures.

José Neto
José Neto Sep 23 '19
God bless you, Pastor Guy!
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The Wall

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2 hours ago
Hello everyone let,s stay safe,God is coming soon
iderlin Garabito
Yesterday, 07:29PM
Mar 28
Happy Sabbath to all
Mar 28
Happy Sabbath to everyone
Sali Jumba
Mar 22
The lord’s ear is not deaf that he cannot hear or blind that he cannot see, neither is he sluck on his promises
Mar 22
Praying for everyone! Keep safe.
Precious Mwelwa Mwila
Mar 21
Happy Sabbath to you all
Audrey Miller
Mar 20
Happy Sabbath family be strong in the Lord .
Mar 17
Pray without ceasing
Pastor Arik Gulzar
Mar 15
The power of God is enough to control coronavirus.
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