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Amisamuel Dec 13 '19
Happy Sabbath SDA children of the Most High. 

Q: are the tattooes fine in SAD church?

Bethany Mahinay
Bethany Mahinay Jul 25 '20
Is it good that SDA have tattoos to?
Josephine Opallah
Biblically not right
Rose Dapaah
Rose Dapaah May 11
Not good
John Jul 17
Tattoos are certainly not something that would prevent someone from JOINING the church. There is a Biblical prohibition in the Torah regarding it. But frankly Adventists seem to pick and choose from thoses laws. I haven't seen anyone going around with blue tassels on their clothing for instance. Or making their wife sleep outside in a tent when she's on her period. Clearly some of the Mosaic Code was about RITUAL PURITY which was part of the temple sacrifices abolished when the true Lamb was sacrificed on the cross. Others were designed to discourage Israel from mingling with the pagan nations around them. Tattooing and ritual scarring were practices of these tribes connected to ancestor worship and other non-Monotheistic practices.
Virginia Mosley
John, you have a personality that would suggest you expect too much from a dating site. If you want a match, you may wait a long time. You may be booked-learned, but you may be too smart for your own good! 

I have been searching many sites for over 4 years, and haven't found the mate that I'm looking for, and I know I may not find him. 

You need to contact more people rather than wait for Miss Perfect to fall into your lap.This website is not a moneymaker! The administration is Adventist. People join the site, and hopefully find a mate, but they may not.Trust in God! If there is someone for you, God will bring that someone to you. He knows what you need!Just because you were born into an Adventist family doesn't make you a Christian, and the way you complain, I would advise you to surrender your life to Jesus, completely! Jesus accepts everyone! Just because a person has a tattoo, or wears jewelry, or eats pork, when they come into the church, Jesus loves them, just as they are! They love Jesus, so let Him change them! If you love Jesus and follow Him, you will be an example for people who will like what they see, and adapt for themselves what they like about you!

You will never find a beautiful Christian wife, unless you are a beautiful Christian man! Stop criticizing, and judging! Life gets easier the more you trust and obey God!  




The Wall

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Yesterday, 06:25PM
Happy Sabbath!
Nov 30
Good afternoon
Amanda Yawah Cheeks- Smith
Nov 27
Happy Sabbath everyone
Josue Polanco Cordero
Nov 25
Hello to everyone, who feels that God is the only one that can give deliverance .
Nov 25
Happy Thanksgiving to all! :D. For me to express the gratitude in my being and in my heart for God and for all of his gifts in this life and those to come, i would have to quote the book of Job chapter 38.  It is my wish that the world feel the great love and thankfullnes that is in my heart for God and our savior Jesus Christ for bringing us to this day, Because we must be grateful for it all. We would not be here today if not for everything God has done during trials and tribulations of the past and those that are is to come. I could not be truely grateful if i had bitterness in my heart for anything. With humble gratitude for the cross, the Catholic church, the crusades, the Spanish insquistion, the transatlantic slave trade, for America, I give thanks to God for today.Happy Thanksgiving to all! :D. For me to express the gratitude in my being and in my heart for God and for all of his gifts in this life and those to come, i would have to quote the book of Job chapte...See more
Nov 23
Hi everyone, happy Tuesday ;-)
Steve PlatinumPRO
Nov 21
hello everyone! hope you all have a good start to your week!
Saulo Vilela Barbosa
Nov 19
Happy Sabbath for everyone
Nov 19
Good one
Saulo Vilela Barbosa
Nov 19
hola amigos como estan todos?
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