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Bi racial mariage? | Forum

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Admin Aug 23 '20
From a member

Does God forbid interracial marriages?just a question i have been battling with.

Pastor Guy
Pastor Guy Sep 9 '20
I would say that, no, God does not forbid marriage between two different “ethnoi”.  Please excuse me if I use a greek word instead of the word “race”.  “ethnoi” is the plural of “ethnos” from which we get the term ethnicity.  While God does not forbid marrying someone from a different ethnicity, it may come with a set of challenges, because the cultures will be different and that can create misunderstanding and uneasiness.  At the same time it opens one's eyes to different ways to look at life, the world, family ties, etc.  The most important aspect is to have a similar look on faith and religion.  And in all things, good communication is the key - otherwise too many things will stay unexplained and misunderstood.  And that would be good ground for divorce!
Annie Ghaty PlatinumPRO
Annie Ghaty Sep 15 '20
We Are all equal in God’s sight ..
Danny Sep 17
If children are going to be involved then it is not adviseable...

AmD Nov 16
As a Christian, if you read the bible, the answer is God do not forbid interracial marraiges. My suggestion to any question is always "ask God" over people. There are interracial marriages in the bible that were made by God, however these were women, and men chosen by God. I am currently doing a" Married people in the Bible" study and will examine these couples here in forum also.

Zipporah, and Moses

Ruth and Mahlon and Boaz 

Rahab and Salmon 

Esther and king Xerxes

Married couples, throughout the bible have serious destructive problems when the god that they serve is different. Solomon and many of Israel's leaders caused destruction when they married strange women, not from their people that taught them and their children to stray from the instructions of God.   

God did give instructions for everything. It is most important, that we always follow God's instructions in everything we do. Just keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus.

I don't believe that we are all created equal or are equal in God's sight although we are all precious in his sight. There are plenty of biblical evidence to say that we are different. Uniquely created by God for a purpose.

I don't believe that married couples who have biracial children is a added struggle, if both parents are mentally healthy about human life, and their relationship with God. If the parents have a healthy relationship, with God and the respect of human life, so will their children. A healthy nonbias view of race, is to not chose any sides of social or politcal issues based on race.

As Christians, we should not lean to the left, nor the right but stay on the straight and narrow path. Joshua 1, speaking of the commandments of God. Proverbs 4:27, and Isaiah 30:21.

Ellen G. White, wrote strong opinions against mixing races. She encouraged Christians to be seperate but equal and i think we can understand why during the time of her writings. As Christians, we are encouraged to respect government because it is God who has put leaders in place. When people think there is a problem with how the world is govern, their dispute is really not understanding God. I have read how Ellen G. White was even  disappointed in the ex slaves in America lack of progress among their own, due to their personal behavior and choices. I read this a long time ago and do not currently know where to find those writngs. I suspect they were hidden to spare people feelings. I was disappointed at those writings at the time, because I viewed the the social enviornment harshly one sided through the lens of race. There are just things, a person can not unseee nor "un-experience" (is that a word?). However, I have grown in my faith in God and have a better understanding towards humans over all.

I have learned: 
God has assigned all men a people that they are to care for. All men has a duty and responsibility to their people. It is no other man's responsbility to care for the men, women and children of another man.

No person should be called equal, who is not equal. Everyone must demonstrate  some type of ability and capability. I.E. A man who do not care for his children is not equal to a man who care for his children. Men who do not care for his community, keep their community safe and provide for their community is not equal to men who do. A man who has a home is not equal to a man without a home. False equalivancy and givng things to people who have not earned it has confused a lot of people. 

All Fruits Of The Spirit (Love, joy, charity, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control), starts at home first before anyone can do so to others who are outside of their home and people. 

Everyone should have a right to not like who they dont want to for any reason they want. That is freedom of choice, that God gives us. No one should have anyone forced on them. Maybe it is because i am old, that i see things from a more self sufficient lens. I do know that it is my faith in God, that is more reliable than asking anything of people. 

Have a question? Ask God.

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