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Carol May 16

I thought long and hard about whether to post this, but it may answer some of your questions why some relationships with men are more challenging and difficult than others.  It will challenge you to reflect on your last relationship, the one you had with your father, and the potential relationship you are seeking with the opposite sex.  

I have discovered through my own research there are many things that some men struggle with, but they will never tell you.  Pray long and hard over every man you meet to see what they are bringing into your life.  See John 8:32  Comment below if any thing you heard in this video resonates with you.


Best wishes in your soulmate search,


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Carol May 19
I 'm happy to see that a few people have checked out this forum and have hopefully watched the video that I posted. I highly recommend Myles Munroe's videos...they're really on point.

Very best,


There is not one marriage in one hundred that results happily, that bears the sanction of God, and places the parties in a position better to glorify him. The evil consequences of poor marriages are numberless. They are contracted from impulse.

Danny Sep 17
You sure its not the other way around?
AmD Nov 4
I think it would be helpful to examine biblical marriages. God has literally, in my belife, gave instructions for everything. No one can make anyone want what they want. Everyone makes personal choices based on likes and dislikes. I think this can be very simple, identified and communicated. However, there is always a problem with assumptions. Everyone can also have their own assumptions, as long as it's not slanderous. Like really, keep those to yourself. Unspoken. :D

Based on biblical marriages and how God has created us, i would have to safely say, "men want what women were created for" by God, as instructed in the bible. Anything eles is just preferences and everyone then has a choice to be unrelenting with whatever they prefer or not. I was thinking about doing a bible study series on biblical marriages. 

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Happy Thanksgiving to all! :D. For me to express the gratitude in my being and in my heart for God and for all of his gifts in this life and those to come, i would have to quote the book of Job chapter 38.  It is my wish that the world feel the great love and thankfullnes that is in my heart for God and our savior Jesus Christ for bringing us to this day, Because we must be grateful for it all. We would not be here today if not for everything God has done during trials and tribulations of the past and those that are is to come. I could not be truely grateful if i had bitterness in my heart for anything. With humble gratitude for the cross, the Catholic church, the crusades, the Spanish insquistion, the transatlantic slave trade, for America, I give thanks to God for today.Happy Thanksgiving to all! :D. For me to express the gratitude in my being and in my heart for God and for all of his gifts in this life and those to come, i would have to quote the book of Job chapte...See more
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