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John Jul 17
A casual look at the forum shows me that only half a dozen or so people participate in it. Mostly Carol and Dee. Until I joined the posts were over a month old. This does not bode well for anyone looking to meet someone here. I gave the site owners $10 in order to be able to see if anyone real uses this for dating and I'm already skeptical that I wasted that money which could have been put in an offering plate instead.
Martin Jul 19
I believe that the site is real. I have established communication with some members. Most members are not active in the forum due to the lack of directives when they create their profile as to what they should do on the site. Many are not aware of the forum and just browse profiles. I myself do not come to this section often. Since most members are from the old world, it is difficult to do live chats with us in the west. I have tried but it is a hit or miss. I think the site coordinator should communicate with every conference in North America to ask for this site to be promoted, so it will have more members and have more activity.
Admin Admin
Admin Aug 13
This is very real and we do not accept all applications. it takes time to sort them out.

check this out


Mark Aug 14

John, I think you are being overly harsh.  Yes, this site could be improved and needs more participation.  On the other hand, WE are the participants.  If we don't like the level of participation, it's up to us to do the participating.  Yes, I see that you have.  But, the other thing we need is patience.  It's a cycle, if new people come (such as yourself) and see crickets, they may soon leave.  The problem is that if ALL do it, then it's a self-defeating cycle.  On the other hand, if we participate then they will see an active board and create an upward cycle.

As for the $10, have you not spent $10 on trying a book, meal, driving to a new place, or any other new thing that you tried?  I have, MANY times.  Sometimes, I was disappointed.  I don't count that as a loss.  Hey, I learned something.  If you have, I know that at least one of those didn't work out as you had hoped.  It's a little disingenuous to say that $10 would have gone into an offering plate unless one can literally say that ALL of their money except basic living expenses goes to the church.

Martin Aug 16
What I would like to see is the North America SDA Division coming on board and promoting this site. It seems like the African and Asian Divisions are doing a great job at that. However, I would not feel that a lady from that far would contact me for love, especially when I get messages from ladies in their 20's. The Administrator needs to court the Conferences and ask them to promote the site on the churches, especially via the Family department. And people should not be allowed to be dishonest, using pictures of other things that are not their face. Every body should be given 24 hours to post a face picture or the account would be frozen, regardless of payment status.
Jah Gold
Jah Aug 17
I am enjoying more reading the content of this forum than viewing every ones profile as of now. I suggest profiles without a picture on it should not be approved by the admin. Because eventhough the ones with pictures on it I doubt if they were sincere of their purpose on this site. Had a lot of people who've been communicating with me and later on discover that their profiles have already been deleted. I've never been rude to anyone but those actions appears to be rude  on my part. Well, these are just my opinion. 
Martin Aug 17
If the main picture is not a face, I do not bother to view the profile. I am shy too-extremely. When I go to church, I sit in the corners, especially behind tall people. I was visiting a church and they always gave me a welcome from the front. I stopped going to that church and found one so large that no one notices me. Regardless, I place my pic here.
AmD Aug 22
I would still support this site, whether or not I find a guy that's special. It is a good wholesome cause and I know someone will. That makes me happy to think. I guess I just have a romantic heart. =)



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Happy Sabbath!
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Good afternoon
Amanda Yawah Cheeks- Smith
Nov 27
Happy Sabbath everyone
Josue Polanco Cordero
Nov 25
Hello to everyone, who feels that God is the only one that can give deliverance .
Nov 25
Happy Thanksgiving to all! :D. For me to express the gratitude in my being and in my heart for God and for all of his gifts in this life and those to come, i would have to quote the book of Job chapter 38.  It is my wish that the world feel the great love and thankfullnes that is in my heart for God and our savior Jesus Christ for bringing us to this day, Because we must be grateful for it all. We would not be here today if not for everything God has done during trials and tribulations of the past and those that are is to come. I could not be truely grateful if i had bitterness in my heart for anything. With humble gratitude for the cross, the Catholic church, the crusades, the Spanish insquistion, the transatlantic slave trade, for America, I give thanks to God for today.Happy Thanksgiving to all! :D. For me to express the gratitude in my being and in my heart for God and for all of his gifts in this life and those to come, i would have to quote the book of Job chapte...See more
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Hi everyone, happy Tuesday ;-)
Steve PlatinumPRO
Nov 21
hello everyone! hope you all have a good start to your week!
Saulo Vilela Barbosa
Nov 19
Happy Sabbath for everyone
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Good one
Saulo Vilela Barbosa
Nov 19
hola amigos como estan todos?
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