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Lady Em
Lady Em Jan 19 '17
Hi admin!
Can you kindly unsubscribe and deactivate my account,removing it for good....
Alex Paden
Alex Paden Sep 3 '17
please delete my account! 
Nicole Miguda
Nicole Miguda Sep 10 '17
I request admin to delete or unsubscribe me. Thanks
Ate Enil Koh
Ate Enil Koh May 18 '18
i cannot log in to my phone. please delete my account admin.
Johnny Uhrig
Johnny Uhrig Jun 11 '18
why all the hate ?

Richard Ramey
Richard Ramey Sep 14 '18
Quote from Johnny Uhrig why all the hate ?

90 % of what shows on my site is from overseas. Majority of it from the Philippines. 
You have to pay to even see a profile on someone. Otherwise you go by just a pic of them not personality included to make a decision.
All other date sites you can at least see their profile (what their about). Now, to communicate with them you have to pay.
But just one small grainy pic of someone does not tell or say anything,  really.
Not paying to see peoples profiles that live overseas.
Nokuphila Sep 13 '19
Please deactivate my account. Thank you.
Robson Reis
Robson Reis Sep 29 '19
Hello Site Manage, would you please deactivate my account. Thank you.

Wilson Elias
Wilson Elias Oct 3 '19
Hi Please deactivate my account and unsubscribe me, removing it for good. Thanks
Greice Nov 29 '19
Please I want to delet my accont.
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The Wall

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Feb 19
Good Evening!
Audrey Miller
Feb 19
If my people who are call by my name shall humble themselves n pray I will hear from heaven n heal theirs land. Amen
Audrey Miller
Feb 19
Family let all come together and pray nfast for the attacks on these babies n children by adúlts men.please brethren .
Audrey Miller
Feb 19
Blessed assurance Christ is mine.have a great n peaceful day everyone
denis Magehema
Feb 18
Hi ,brother and sisters in Christ
Feb 17
Want to have some friends here!
Feb 17
Hello everyone here?
Collins Oyugi
Feb 15
hello happy sabbath
Selma Silva
Feb 15
Hello... Happy Sabbath, everyone!!!
Feb 14
Read Romans 8:28 Every good thing works for those who loves God and for those who are called according to His purpose,
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