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Admin Administrator
Admin May 5 '17

I get this question asked often.  

Share your thoughts so others can learn and be blessed.

There are challenges to this, there are benefits as well.  It is a good way to get to know each other without the desire to 'touch' each other. Sometimes when the touching starts the relationship failed to grow.



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Mary Aboyade-Cole
Mary Aboyade-Cole May 12 '17
Nice one sister
Mary Aboyade-Cole
Mary Aboyade-Cole May 12 '17
Quote from Neli In as much as I agree that long term relationship are strenuous but they are not impossible. Due to situations in life one partner maybe forced to move to another country, if communication and I mean honest communication is valued then they will be able to share their day even without seeing one another. The couples determination and God's intervention will keep two people together until they marry and decide which country would be best for them
With God all things are possible
Admin2 Administrator
Admin2 Jul 9 '17
At this moment I can only go for someone who is as far as 1000km atleast I know that distance can only cost me a maximum of 24 hours to connect with you 
Phoebe Belga
Phoebe Belga Jul 9 '17
LDR works only for strong person. It will work if true love is there plus honesty and trust. Distance and financial is doesn't matter. Love is risky! To the man, turn the world upside down to be with a girl you love. Loves can move mountain too and love shorten the road. Most importantly, invite God to be the center of your relationship, be prayerful. Even both parties saw each other regularly if true love and God does not them, it didnt work. 
The LDR is much worth useful if and only if the trust and honesty is portrayed among of the lovers! The world has changed, you can adjust yourself to accommodate these changes. God bless you 
Emie Joie D. Hemoroz
As for me long distance relationship takes a great courage for both lovers. It also need trust and faith that your relationship will grow. Mostly it fades away because either of the partner cannot survive , on the other hand if God is the center of your relationship nothing is impossible if both of you trust Him. All you need to do is put your trust to God and to your other half. Long distance or being together doesn't matter , what matters most is the will of God . Even if you are together all the time but it's not His will you cannot do anything but to stop.
Jowetto Dec 16 '17
LDR tests our honesty, love etc. 
I'd say put God in it. 
Mg Ahirirwe Olivah Descent
I think communication and commitment matter alot as God the center of it all.otherwise LDR isnnt easy mostly before marriage where both parties want to discover and learn from each other. it cant link the two parties freely .but if its after marriage maybe,  still it shouldnt be months and months without checking on each other thats due to working enviroment. 
Joseph Chileshe
Joseph Chileshe Jan 3 '18
Distance Relationship can only be sustained by Trust and Honest. With God nothing is impossible.
Nolwazi Mar 7 '18
LDR can be strenuous but the best in my view, only trust and honesty has to prevail and put God at the centre of everything. Communication is very vital whether long or short distance we can't do away with communication and respect for self and yo partner matters more. No secrets, no lies and put God first
Jela Vis
Jela Vis Apr 7 '18
LDR is difficult  but as long as you put God as the center  of your relationship everything is possible 

Martha Fanny Gaisie
Martha Fanny Gaisie Jun 30 '18
The will of God and His purpose for your relationship overrules all barriers. True love that springs from God will stand the tests of LDR. You just need to trust God and rely on His directives in every relationship whether LDR or SDR, that's the only way.
jocy Aug 30 '18
Eu conheço histórias positivas de relacionamento a distância.
jem Aug 31 '18
Be honest and faithfull to your partner... let God be the center of your relationship..
bethanymahinay Oct 2 '18
1. Have faith in God. Pray, Trust and believe in Him. 

2. Trust each other. 

3. Your relationship will be good, long last forever until Jesus comes.

Barbara Christensen
Long distance relationships can work, but only if both are working at it and God is kept in the center of it. I have had a couple of LDR that I would say have worked, we were good friends. Unfortunately there was something in each relationship that he was not able to get past, so they ended, but I am still friends with one of them. But this does not discourage me...just the opposite...I know there are good men out there and I just have to wait for the one God makes work. That's the one I want anyway. I pray in each new relationship that if it is not ordained by God, He will end it. Some suggestions: Have bible study and prayer together. Have normal dates on video chat, as if you were in the same room. Pray for each other. Share even the little things that happen in your lives. Look up questions online to ask to get to know each other intimately. And take your time, don't rush it, just enjoy your time together.
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