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Love and Relationships, the Christian Way
Discussion can  be formed based on the Christian's way of relationships and love. Many persons have different views of love and relationship. Let's talk!
101 members
Serious Relationship
Anyone whose aim is to look for a serious partner in life.  The one who values love over cultural differences.
96 members
Adventist Single Club
Here you are going to see your future wife and husband. join and invite other. Blessings
53 members
English East Africa (Adventist)
Group for those who are located in English East Africa Eritrea Ethiopia  Kenya Rwanda Somalia  South Sudan Tanzania  Uganda Burundi 
42 members
Getting to know each other.
Here is a group where we can come together to get to know each other, to socialize "break the ice" for serious active users.
34 members
Lesson Discussion
This group is here to help Adventists here to discuss the lesson everyone is invited to this group
30 members
Where vegans and vegetarians get to meet and share ideas about their wonderful  lifestyle 
15 members
Pathfinder Leaders
Where Pathfinder leaders can connect with others.
8 members
The most unhappening marriages are centered on marriage obtain in the ungodly way. This group intend to make it clear how we must marry.
3 members
Are you a singer in the church of God? Let us meet here. There are lots of things we can do together
4 members
I and you...
I + You +kisses + hugs=When?
4 members
Inter-American Division Singles Room (Brazil Welcomed)
Where singles interact in closer proximity to each other. These Include singles from...  Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba,&...
2 members
South Pacific Adventist
Adventist from the South Pacific Division of the Seventh day Adventist Church
1 members
Southern Hemispherians
People in the southern have decidedly a smaller population and have the most travelling to do in order to meet anyone. Would be great to see who's around for a good chat
0 members
Adventist Discipleship University
"The Global Classroom For The Global Movement" The more that I exercise my spiritual gifts of Teaching & Evangelism, the more my passion to serve grows. At this current time [July 2017] the Lord has blessed me to conduct over 20 Spiritual Gifts classes and conduct 4 Prophecy seminars.I am ...
1 members
Whats your take marrying a None Seventh Day Adventist
Marriage is an important aspect of life and it is ordained by God. whats our take of marrying outside the church?
1 members
EUROPE. For looking for God with all heart.
It's not that easy to find someone from Europe, so I decided to make a group like this. Please join only if you live in Europe and God is nr.1 in your life. Let's make friends and maybe more if God bless
1 members
Hi to all of you children of God! How can we overcome the fear of unknown in this process of looking for a life partner? 
1 members

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Jacqueline Valle
Musungu Fred M
Luthando Dantile

The Wall

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Lisa Ever Bless Myers
Jan 17
Happy sabbath
Nelson Tsikwa
Jan 13
He makes everything beautiful in His own time
Pastor Guy
Jan 11
A little counsel for all of us out there. If you are interested in someone - Contact Them - don't wait for them to contact you. It's difficult to find someone on any dating site, so don't wait for that “other” to contact you. Go ahead and contact them. If they are not interested, they will let you know. Don't spend your time waiting and waiting and waiting - ACT !A little counsel for all of us out there. If you are interested in someone - Contact Them - don't wait for them to contact you. It's difficult to find someone on any dating site, so don't wait for tha...See more
Hans Suryabudi
Jan 10
Happy Sabbath to all my good friends around the world
Jan 10
How are you all
Hans Suryabudi
Jan 7
Nice to meet you here as brothers and sisters around the world. Keep in touch yeahhhhh
Jan 5
Happy Sabbath and Happy New Year!
Jan 4
Happy New Year to all. Might God bless you always
Audrey Miller
Jan 2
Thanking God for his blessings through the years so far . My new year greetings will be March be bless
Jan 1
Happy New Year !
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