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Support group for ages 50+ in the US

The older we get the more difficult it seems to be to meet someone to marry. There is so much emotional baggage, health issues and other things getting in the way. Let's get to know each other and support each other in our search.



  • Beverley Edwards
    Beverley Edwards just joined this group
    Apr 20
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  • Barbara Christensen
    How's everyone doing out there? A lot of chatting and getting acquainted going on?
    Mar 13
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  • Barbara Christensen
    For me, evidently I don't look as old as I am. I have younger men wanting to connect, but when they discover I have chronic fatigue and they discover how this impacts my life and would impact theirs, they tend to back off. I know God has a plan and I want His will for my life, but at times it gets lonely and difficult...partly due to my condition.
    Mar 10
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7 hours ago
I wish you all the love of christ embolden you and his grace be upon you all.amen
Bethany Mahinay
Yesterday, 10:55AM
hello everybody
Allan Juma
Yesterday, 03:33AM
Happy Sabbath
May 22
Happy Sabbath to all. I pray that God Blesses all of you.
Lloyd Mobia
May 22
Happy sabbath to all
Isaac maswai
May 21
Hello everyone,let's pray for the world
Abigail Gittens
May 19
Hello everyone
Edith Zambwe
May 19
Hello everyone, wishing you a productive week
May 17
Happy new week. I hope we are staying safe.
Bethany Mahinay
May 17
hello everybody, God bless us all.
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