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Dacia Hardy Free
Yesterday, 01:15PM
Can anyone tell me how to get off this site please. Sorry this wont work for me.
Dacia Hardy Free
Yesterday, 01:13PM
Good day, can anyone tell me How do I get out of this group.
Babylin Free
Oct 15
good evening to everyone god bless to all
Paul Addae Junior Free
Oct 11
So much disappointment
Paul Addae Junior Free
Oct 11
I have been on this site for long now but I have not met my partner why ?
Admin VIP
Oct 8
Hope every one try out the new chat room
Emie Joie D. Hemoroz Free
Oct 7
The more we come o Jesus the more we get closer to each other.
priscilla brown Free
Oct 1
Hope you're finding delight in the Lord today!
Garth Bertrand Free
Oct 1
Good day Aleta, I trust all is well? what you can do is use a photo editor to rotate the pictures for you and attempt uploading it again
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